Nut Tree Care

Nut Tree Care
Nut Tree Care

Hazelnut, which loves temperate and moist regions, is suitable for growing in our country. The way to grow top quality and abundant nuts is definitely to know how to consider the hazelnut tree in the proper way. Inside our article you can find care tips of the hazelnut tree.

Climate Conditions Suited to Hazelnut Tree

To be able to get high yields from hazelnut tree, moist and temperate regions should be preferred. Turkey is the absolute most convenient devote Hazel Black Sea region when it comes to educating. In fact, we could say that Giresun sides of the region have the absolute most ideal climate.

The best temperature necessary for the hazelnut tree to grow under healthy conditions is between 13 and 16 degrees through the year. The amount of precipitation throughout the year must certanly be equal in every months. If the hazelnut tree is usually to be grown in a healthy way, it is important to own these climatic features.

In the climate in which the hazelnut tree grows, the lowest air temperature shouldn’t fall below -8 to -10. Also, the air temperature must be between 35 and 39 degrees. Proportional humidity shouldn’t be below 60 percent, especially in June and July, so that the fruits can develop with high quality.

Hazelnut Sapling and Planting

Planting and subsequent pruning are key to growing a hazelnut tree with good fruit. Saplings cut typically 35 or 40 centimeters in length must be planted in the planting pit without waiting too long. The autumn season is the perfect period for planting. If it is late, planting can also be done in the spring in regions with cold winter. Before planting hazelnut seedlings, preliminary preparation of the land and soil should be achieved carefully. This method is named hob planting system. This process is more traditional in our country.

Another planting system applied is the fence planting system. Fence planting system is better than other system. It is also easier and economical to utilize if it is done on suitable land. Fence planting, which can be applied on flat lands, should be preferred in places with low soil depth. It is also easier to hold out stages such as hoeing, pruning, fertilizing and harvesting in the fence system.

Finally, there’s a single body planting system. In this technique, it is aimed to enlarge the crown over a single body.

How Should Be The Sapling Selection?

As hazelnut is a plant that forms root exile, it could be produced within the framework of important rules. Root shoots should really be chosen which have good buds, mature, good root development and can develop in places not close to the hearth. These root shoots should then be removed without damaging the roots. Before planting,’planting pruning’should be achieved on the basis shoots.

Pruning the Hazelnut Tree

Pruning in the branch of hazelnut tree has an important share in growing. Pruning should be performed in the autumn season of the year. The important thing is to find the period when the leaves are shed while pruning. While pruning is done, it seems neglected; pale, dried and diseased branches should not be skipped. In order to permit the hazelnut tree to cultivate healthier, small and thin branches in good sized quantities in the hazelnut cooker must certanly be cut every 2 years. Cutting these branches allows the tree to cultivate better.
Why should Hazelnut Tree be pruned?

To make the tree bear better fruit
Shaping the branches and seedlings – steering clear of the branches from breaking if there is a lot of product
To split up sick, inefficient branches; rejuvenating other branches
Avoiding the condition of the product for a year, not another year (periodicity)
Balancing between root and stem
Extending the life span of the tree

Pruning saws or scissors are used to prevent damage when pruning the hazelnut tree. Probably the most ideal months to prune; October is November or December. If the climate is colder, it could be expected until February and March to prune. In places where it is not too cold in winter, like the Aegean or Mediterranean regions, pruning in the autumn is appropriate.

Pruning is not recommended for rejuvenating hazel trees in order to rejuvenate.

Fertilization in Hazelnut Tree

Fertilization is vital in the overall care of the nut tree. Fertilizing should be performed regularly every year to avoid the branches from drying out or getting sick. Obviously, there are a few important rules for fertilizing. Unconscious fertilization can be quite damaging.

It’s helpful to take a sample of the soil on which the hazel tree grows before fertilizing. After the sample taken is analyzed, a fertilization method and type must certanly be determined according to the natural structure of the soil.


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