What is a Boutique Hotel?

Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels, which are popular especially recently, preferred by lots of people and increasing in number every day, have a different concept than both 5-star hotels, holiday resorts, hostels and motels. How many rooms in boutique hotels is low, it doesn’t have a huge selection of rooms like 5 star hotels or holiday villages. Exactly like how many rooms, how many employees is lower in these hotels. Furthermore, the staff provides personalized service. You will feel special in almost all boutique hotels. They welcome you with your name and welcome you in which to stay a cozy environment while welcoming you, likely to your room or serving you food. Because of this, people feel similar to guests, much less customers, in boutique hotels. Even though the time comes to finish the vacation and return home, a sadness will collapse.

Boutique hotels usually are operated by the dog owner and you are able to reach this person at any time. So much in order that sometimes this individual serves you jams, pickles, vegetables and fruits that he collects from his garden. In certain boutique hotels, the eggs you eat for breakfast are obtained from the hotel’s chickens, and the milk you drink from the hotel’s cows. Of course, it’s difficult to get such an opportunity even yet in probably the most luxurious 5-star hotel. Because in such hotels, you will find usually buffets where tens of varieties are served, however the taste of what you eat here doesn’t enjoy fresh meals, daily breakfast and fruits cut from its branches.

Another feature of boutique hotels is they have their particular style. Some might be an old mansion or village house. Also, once you come in and visit the rooms, antique items, different furniture and design products welcome you. In some boutique hotels, each room is given a different name. Like, the names of the rooms of the Alura Boutique Hotel in Alaçatı are different shades of blue: Aqua, Turquoise, Parliament, Aquamarine, Azure, Navy, Sapphire and Lapis Larimar. In a few, rooms are separated by type. Such as for example standard room, suite room, Dublex room or superior suite. In cases like this, the style, structure and style of each room could be different. Like, Marge Hotel in Çeşme-Ilıca has several types of rooms and each has different furniture, different colors and different objects. While the conventional room is modernly furnished, the Vintage Suite room is furnished in an even more classic style.

Why Choose Boutique Hotels?

  • Because you feel special in these hotels, the hotel owner and other hotel staff will take care of you, if you have an issue or problem, they’ll try to resolve them immediately. You even chat with these individuals and make friends.
  • After a couple of days in large hotels, you may get bored with uniformity. However, in boutique hotels, you could have a more pleasant time as you will feel at home.
  • These hotels attract your attention with their different styles and designs. While you do not spend much time in the space in large hotels, you will even like to stay in your room here.
  • Freshly made jams, veggies and fresh dishes decorate your table.
  • In nearly all boutique hotels, cleanliness and hygiene are shown importance.
  • However, the costs of boutique hotels are generally a bit high. For this reason, you should also consider the material part of the business before building a choice. May very well not find these positive features in most boutique hotels. Therefore, it is very important to really make the right choice.


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