Who Invented the Telescope Really?


Many of us think that Galileo Galilei may be the inventor of the telescope because that’s what our science teachers inform us and read in science books. But we’re actually wrong because Galilei isn’t the inventor of the telescope, although he is one of many greatest astronomers this planet has ever grown. Then your question of who is the inventor of the telescope is on our mind.

The clear answer to the question of who invented the telescope is Hans Lipperhey. Yes, it had been he who invented the telescope, and his invention made a good contribution to the planet of astronomy and science. The invention of the telescope has added color to our lives. The telescope can be used not only in observing extraterrestrial objects such as stars, planets and other celestial objects, but additionally inside our daily life. As an example, telescopes are used to protect and defend someone’s territory on ships or even in the military field for navigation and transportation.

Turning now to the question of who invented the telescope, this person called Hans Lipperhey is the reason for a great change inside our world and lived in eastern Holland in Germany. He married in 1954, became a Dutch citizen in 1602 and is a professional trader. During those times, the Italians brought glass techniques to the Netherlands, which resulted in people showing different ideas and advances in lens production. In 1608, a telescope was invented.

The truth is that he wasn’t the only real individual who invented the telescope, this invention can be caused by three people, Hans Lipperhey, Zacharis Janssen and Jacob Metius. After the invention, numerous production of telescopes took place and spread to Europe, even to America and Asia. The initial telescopes could only magnify an object around three times. But today’s telescopes can easily see objects from many light years away and make tiny objects huge.

When was Galilei contained in the painting? He didn’t fully invent the telescope, but he added a couple of things to it when he placed convex and concave lenses in a tube, meaning that he was developing the original one. So Galilei isn’t the real inventor of the telescope.

Now the story becomes a snake story just because a rumored telescope says neither Galilei nor Hans invented it. Locating the telescope is Hans’children playing with the lenses. But that the main story has not yet been proven. So now we have to stay in the more believable one and claim that the telescope was invented by Hans and two others.


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